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Dutch Consortium for Healthcare Evaluation and Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology - NVOG Consortium 2.0

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2009 News

14-dec-2009 Anonymous reviewer of our grant application for long term follow-up: "I was already familiar with a number of these studies from their trial publications (eg HYPITAT) and have been highly impressed by the trial design and the rigour with which these trials have been/ are being conducted. The Netherlands is becoming a world leader in obstetric research as a result of these trials"

12-dec-2009 New study added: MiniMo. In the urogyaecology MiniMo trial, the effectiveness of the MiniArc and the Monarc methods are compared for the management of stress incontinence.

11-dec-2009 International study added: the Cancer in Pregnancy study. The Belgian study Cancer in Pregnancy focuses on the effect of chemotherapy during pregnancy on the fetus.


04-dec-2009 The very first consortium doctorate! We congradulate Michelle Westerhuis and her supervisors with the thesis "Intrapartum fetal monitoring by ST-analysis of the fetal CTG". For more information, see the Doctorates page.


17-nov-2009 New study online: WoMan trial. The urogynaecology WoMan trial studies the effectiveness of Word catheter and Marsupialization in treatment of cyst or abcess of the Bartholin gland.


3-nov-2009 Bericht van een anonieme professor: "Vandaag keek ik es goed naar het jaarverslag van het Verloskundig Consortium. Wat een fantastische prestaties hebben jullie geleverd met het opzetten en vervolgens het laten werken van dit Consortium. Ik ben zeer onder de indruk van jullie activiteiten en de resultaten daarvan. Jullie zijn een voorbeeld voor de overige subspecialisaties binnen O&G, maar ook voor andere medische specialismen." 

30-oct-2009 The BMJ article about the 50% higher fertility rate of immobilization after IUI is now available online. See Custers et al., Immobilisation versus immediate mobilisation after intrauterine insemination: a randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2009;339.


22-oct-2009 The consortium 2008 year report is now available online: Jaarverslag VC 2008 (PDF).

21-oct-2009 One completed study and two new studies: The urogynaecology CATH trial has succesfully reached its objected inclusions. Thanks to all who participated! Also, two new studies are added to the website: the fertility DESH trial, comparing two methods on their IVF-ET outcomes of patients with hydrosalpinx, and the urogynaecology Save U trial on treatment of uterovaginal prolapse.


19-oct-2009 WOMB trial received funding from Landsteiner Foundation for Blood Research. In addition to earlier received funding by the 'Stichting vrienden van de bloedtransfusie', the WOMB trial will be funded by the Landsteiner Foundation for Blood Research. We are very thankful for this funding, since it will provide the financial resources to complete and analyse the trial.

09-sep-2009 IUPC article accepted in New England Journal of Medicine and one completed study! The IUPC study is a multicentre randomised trial that compares the use of a intra uterine pressure catheter during induction of labour with external monitoring. Thanks to everybody who has contributed to this result! Also, today the last patient has been included for the Ppromexil trial. Thanks to all who helped to complete the trial!


03-sep-2009 New abroad study: PRIMA. In the abroad fertility PRIMA study, the objective is to investigate if a mild IVF protocol leads to a higher pregnancy rate, as compared to the conventional treatment in poor responders.


29-jul-2009 Three new studies! ECV Implementation, ZAHARA II, and TOSTI studies. The obstetrical ECV Implementation study is aimed at the identification of both impeding as well as facilitating factors of ECV and to develop and evaluate an implementation strategy based on proper counselling of pregnant women and their care providers. The ZAHARA II study investigates the relation between hemodynamic parameters, uteroplacental flow parameters and peri-/neonatal/infant/obstetric complications in CHD patients. The TOSTI study is aimed at the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of multidisciplinary team training to reduce the number of medical errors in obstetric emergency situations.


21-jul-2009 Two new studies added: The ProTWIN and the SOLOMON studies. In the obstetrical ProTWIN study, the use of a cervical pessary as a prevention of preterm birth in multiple pregnancy will be investigated. The Solomon study compares two surgery techniques in pregnancy with monochorionic twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.


14-jul-2009 New study added: The Pr_OVIN study. In the fertility Pr_OVIN study, the value of a post coital test (PCT) in the basic fertility work up of subfertile women will be investigated.


5-jun-2009 Last patient included for the Amphia study! The inclusion of 660 patients for the Amphia study has been completed with amazing speed. Congradulations to the researchers and thanks to all who have worked hard for the counselling!


20-may-2009 Bed Rest article accepted in BMJ! The Bed Rest article, describing the increase of pregnancy rates in women who were immobilized for 15 minutes after IUI, has been accepted for publication in the BMJ. Our congratulations to the authors and appreciation to everybody who has contributed to this result.


25-apr-2009 New study added: The M-ovin' study. In the fertility M-ovin' study, the effectiveness of extended treatment with Clomiphene citrate compared to treatment with gonadotropins and/or the use of intra-uterine insemination in subfertile women will be investigated.


8-apr-2009 HYPITAT clinical article accepted in The Lancet! The Hypitat clinical article "Induction of labour versus expectant monitoring for gestational hypertension and preeclampsia after 36 weeks (the HYPITAT trial): a multicentre randomised controlled trial" by Koopmans et al. has been accepted for publication in The Lancet. We congratulate the authors with this publication and thank all that people of the Obstetric Consortium that have been involved in the study.


7-apr-2009 DIGITAT symposium. The programme for the DIGITAT symposium is online. If you'd like to attend the symposium, please subscribe here.


3-apr-2009 Two new studies: LigaSure and Pompoen studies. In the urogynaecological Ligasure study, the effects of vessel sealing WITH LigaSure on the operative parameters, post-operative pain, recovery and post-operative function of the pelvic floor in vaginal hysterectomy will be studied. In the gynaecological Pompoen trial the effectiveness of saline-infused sonography and hysteroscopy in the work-up for postmenopausal bleeding will be investigated.


16-mar-2009 Four new studies added! The Lifestyle, Triple P, CHIPS, and ECV studies. In the fertility Lifestyle study, a structured lifestyle program for overweight and obese subfertile couples to prevent unnecessary treatment will be studied. The Triple P trial aims at evaluating a screening program with cervical length measurement to find women at risk for a preterm delivery. In the international CHIPS trial, the managemant of mild-risk hypertension is studied. Finally, the ECV with uterus relaxation study focuses on effectivity of atosiban as a uterus relaxation in external cephalic version.


23-feb-2009 List of publications and newsletters online. This website has two new features: A list of the consortium publications can be found under Publications, and under Newsletters you can find the bi-weekly consortium emails and the regular newsletters.


4-feb-2009  Fluxim study. New study added: the Fluxim study. The study focuses on the evaluation of the implementation of the guideline Hemorrhagia post partum (HPP) and the course Management of Obstetrics Emergencies and Trauma (MOET course) in current care.


14-jan-2009 TRUST study.  New study added: the fertility TRUST study. The study focuses on the question if surgical intervention (septoplasty) in women with recurrent miscarriage and a septate uterus will improve their reproductive outcome.


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