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Dutch Consortium for Healthcare Evaluation and Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology - NVOG Consortium 2.0

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2008 News


22-dec-2008 L-Age study.  New study added: the fertility L-Age study. The study investigates two forms of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation during IVF/ICSI treatment.


15-dec-2008 No less than five new studies have been added! The ALLO, Apostel-1, Probaat, Hypitat-2, and INeS trials. In the ALLO trial, effects of Allopurinol on neonatal brain damage will be investigated. The Apostel-1 trial will focus on costs and effects of fibronectin as a predictor of preterm birth. In the Probaat trial, the Prostaglandin and the balloon catheter induction methods will be compared. Hypertension and Pre-eclampsia near term will be the focus of the Hypitat-2 study. And finially, the INeS study will focus on the prevention of multiple pregnancy in mild male subfertility and unexplained subfertility.


8-dec-2008 Patients 650 and 651 have been included for the Digitat study! The inclusion for the DIGITAT study is completed. Results will be presented on the Gynaecongres, 11th of June, 2009.


7-nov-2008 Fonds NutsOhra heeft aan het consortium een subsidie toegekend om een online platform met als doel het informeren van zwangeren over studieresultaten op te zetten. Denise Bijlenga zal dit project gaan uitvoeren.


3-okt-2008 Doula study. New study added: the Doula study. This is a randomized intervention trial on the effect of a lay doula in the Dutch obstetric system (a pilot).


25-sep-2008 Tijdens het ISSHP World Congress in Washington DC heeft Corine Koopmans de Zuspan Award gekregen voor het HYPITAT onderzoek.
Deze prijs "... will be given to young investigators who at the Congress are judged to have undertaken and then presented the most outstanding clinical work in relation to the study of Hypertension in Pregnancy.


5-sep-2008 VUSIS-II study. New study added: the urogynaecological VUSIS-II study.

27-aug-2008 Two new studies are added today! PreCare study: The PreCare study is a cost-effectiveness study for recurrence risk-guided care of preeclampsia or HELLP. Quality registration for urogynaecology: The Quality registration is a monitoring database for urogynaecological practice.


21-aug-2008 VET study results indicate adverse drug reactions with the use of tocolytics for preterm labour. Results of the VET study are available in Dutch.


11-aug-2008 HyRAS study. New study added: the HyRAS study (a 2-year Hypitat follow-up study).


4-aug-2008 ECV Tocolysis study in the media: news item on nu.nl.


1-aug-2008 Vrouw study. The Vrouw study inclusion is completed! The follow-up is ongoing.


15-jul-2008 Stan study. The Stan study inclusion is completed! The first results will be presented on the Stan symposium in october 2008.


10-may-2008 Hypitat study. The first results of the Hypitat study indicate that induction of labor has multiple advantages over an expectant management in term pregnancies with pregnancy-induced hypertension or mild preeclampsia. The Hypitat symposium presentations can be found on the Hypitat website.


9-apr-2008 ECV Tocolysis study. The ECV Tocolysis study ruled out a large improvement of the effectiveness of external cephalic version due to nifedipine. Abstract ECV tocolysis april 2008 (Pdf).


27-mar-2008 Hypitat study. The Hypitat study inclusion is completed! The first results will be presented on the Hypitat symposium.


1-feb-2008 Bed Rest study. The first results of the Bed Rest study showed that pregnancy rates after 4 cycles IUI  increased from 12% to 21% when patients were immobilised for 15 minutes after the insemination. Read the abstract that has been submitted for the ESHRE meeting.


jan-2008 Alife study. The Alife study inclusion is completed! The follow-up is ongoing. The first results are expected end of 2009.