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Consortium News 2013

19-dec-2013 Farewell symposium Ben Willem Mol. A great number came to this inspiring symposium. Click here for Ben Willem's farewell lecture (in Dutch).


06-nov-2013 New study added: STIM. The objective of the STIM-trial is to evaluate the effects of adding tamoxifen or letrozol to standard ovarian stimulation in women with breast cancer. All information can be found on studies-obsgyn.nl/stim.


03-nov-2013 The Probaat-II study has completed its inclusions. The Probaat-II study aims to assess the effectiveness of induction of labor with a transcervical Foley catheter as compared to induction with oral misoprostol in term pregnant women with an unfavorable cervix. Many thanks to all those involved!


24-10-2013 New study added: Apostel VI. The objective of the Apostel VI is to evaluate the effectiveness of a cervical pessary in women between 24+0 and 34+6 who remained undelivered after an episode of threatened preterm labour. All information can be found on studies-obsgyn.nl/apostel6  and for updates please check twitter: twitter.com/Apostelvi

21-10-2013 The Pompoen study has completed its inclusions. The Pompoen study aims to assess the effectiveness of saline-infused sonography and hysteroscopy in the work-up for postmenopausal bleeding. Many thanks to all those involved!


23-sept-2013 PORTRET in The New England Journal of Medicine! Congratulations to all those involved! Julien Labrie, Bary L.C.M. Berghmans, et al.  Surgery versus Physiotherapy for Stress Urinary Incontinence. Click here for the fulltext.

09-sept-2013 Article published in NtvG by Prof Mol about the consortium and the need for evaluation research. Click here for the article.

28-aug-2013 The Triple P study has stopped recruiting. The Triple P study aims to assess whether screening for cervical length and treatment with progesterone in case of short cervix is (cost-)effective.  20,321 women were screened and 80 participated in the Triple P treat. Many thanks to all those involved in this study!


22-aug-2013 The ASB trial has completed its inclusions. The ASB trial aims to assess whether a screen and treatprogram for asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy in the Netherlands is (cost)-effectiveness. Many thanks to all those involved in this study!


16-aug-2013 The inSIGHT trial has completed its inclusions. The inSIGHT trial aims to assess whether additional diagnostic tests (saline infusion sonography (SIS) and/or routine office hysteroscopy) prior to a first IVF/ICSI treatment cycle improves IVF outcome and cost-effectiveness. Many thanks to all those involved in this study!


9-aug-2013 New study added: TeMpOH-1. TeMpOH-1 is a nationwide observational study on the effect of timing of transfusion of plasma and platelets alongside red blood cells on maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity due to Major Obstetric Haemorrhage.

5-aug-2013 ProTWIN in The Lancet! Congratulations to all those involved!

Sophie Liem, Ewoud Schuit, et al. Cervical pessaries for prevention of preterm birth in women with a multiple pregnancy (ProTWIN): a multicentre, open-label randomised controlled trial. Click here for the fulltext. 

18-July-2013 New study added: NethOSS, Netherlands Obstetric Surveillance System. The NethOSS is a nationwide network to study uncommon disorders of pregnancy such as  eclampsia; cardiac arrest and amniotic fluid embolism.


15-July-2013 New study added: SIMPLE-II study. Caesarean Section IMPLEmentation (SIMPLE) II Study is a matched clustered intervention-controlled before-and-after trial for evaluating a decision aid for mode of delivery after previous caesarean section.

30-may-2013 Our abstracts have been accepted for oral or poster presentations at the next meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)! Many consortium researches will be attending this meeting with four oral and numerous poster presentations. The abstract of the INeS study by Alexandra Bensdorp has been nominated for the Clinical Science Award. Congratulations to all those involved for this amazing result.
Also a special thank you to the research nurses for all their hard work. We have achieved these amazing results together!

08-may-2013 Symposium on the importance of research in primary care obstetrics. For the occasion of the PhD defense of Corine Verhoeven on May 16, we wish to use this opportunity
to discuss the importance of research in primary care obstetrics. We would like to invite all who are interested on May 14 at 18.15 in Maxima MC (program). Please register via kraamsuites@mmc.nl.


3-May-2013 May 2013: month of Benign Gynaecology. To improve the inclusions of the MIRA, MisoREST and HysNiche trials, in May we will focus more on the benign gynaecology. We ask everyone to give extra attention to these three studies. For more information:  MIRA, MisoREST, HysNiche.


24-april-2013 New study added: PIMPP. The objective of the Pessary IMPlementation Project (PIMPP) is to evaluate whether the results, stated in the ProTWIN-trial, persist in daily practice in women with a multiple pregnancy who received a cervical pessary, because of a cervical length <25th percentile (38 mm).

16-apr-2013 Annual report 2012 - an enormous rise in inclusions, within an unchanged amount of studies and participating hospitals. In our annual report 2012 we explain why this matters so much to us.


16-apr-2013 New study added: THL. The purpose of the THL study is to assess the costs and effects of transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy (THL) compared to Hysterosalpingography (HSG) in a large randomized controlled trial.


2-apr-2013 New study added: Mother. The objective of the Mother study is to find out whether an early refeeding strategy can improve maternal and neonatal outcome, and reduce hospital stay.


15-mar-2013 New study added: Highlow. The objective of the Highlow study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of intermediate dose LMWH versus fixed low dose LMWH in pregnant women with a history of previous VTE.


12-mar-2013 Oracle Clinical werkt weer. Gisteren aan het einde van de dag waren de problemen verholpen en alle webbased randomisatietoepassingen en CRF's werken nu weer.


11-mar-2013 Oracle Clinical nog steeds buiten gebruik. Naar nu blijkt is de update afgelopen zaterdag niet goed gegaan, waardoor er nu nog steeds problemen zijn met het internet in het AMC, alsook met Oracle Clinical. De problemen met .jCRF zijn inmiddels wel opgelost. We houden u op de hoogte.


08-mar-2013 Webbased randomisation and CRF temporarily unavailable on Saturday, March 9, between 8:00 and 16:00


06-mar-2013 New study added: SUPER. The objective of the SUPER trial is to determine which ovarian superstimulation regimen (FSH or CC) aiming to recruit only two dominant follicles should be applied in IUI in couples with unexplained subfertility or mild male factor subfertility


05-mar-2013 IMPROvEMENT study in Volkskrant!


26-feb-2013 Apostel-II study in the media! The results of the Apostel-II study have been widely discussed in the media. Recently an article on Nu.nl, a JAMA audio fragment by the editor-in-chief of JAMA, a radio interview by Unique FM and many more. It is wonderful to see such interest in the studies that are being performed in our consortium.

24-feb-2013 The problem with ALEA has been solved! On Saturday 23th there were problems with logging in but by Sunday morning they were solved. If you randomised patients using a coin in the meantime, please send an email to the researcher in order to have the randomisations registrated.


21-feb-2013 The HYPITAT-II trial has completed its inclusions. The HYPITAT-II trial compares planned delivery and expectant monitoring for women with late preterm hypertensive disorders. Many thanks to all those involved in this study!


17-feb-2013 The Dutch contribution at the SMFM, San Francisco February 2013, was of great success. Four oral presentations (of whom de ProTWIN trial as the first presentation in the plenary session) and many posters were presented. Click here for a group picture.


16-feb-2013 Interview with BW Mol in Volkskrant: the importance of the consortium studies.


15-feb-2013 ProTWIN results in Volkskrant


13-feb-2013 New study added: MASTER. The objective of the MASTER study is to assess the cost-effectiveness of IUI, IVF and ICSI for male subfertility.


8-feb-2013 New study added: Quadruple P. The objective of the Quadruple P study is to compare the effectiveness of vaginal progesterone and cervical pessary in the prevention of preterm birth in women with singleton and twin pregnancies and a short cervix.


1-feb-2013 New study added: Endo-Recept. The objective of the Endo-Recept study is to compare the cumulative ongoing pregnancy rate after transfer of frozen-thawed embryos in cycles without ovarian hyperstimulation (disengagement strategy) versus transfer of fresh embryos in cycles with ovarian hyperstimulation (standard strategy).


25-jan-2013 New study added: EuFis. The objective of the multicenter EuFis study is to determine the predictive accuracy of the quantitative fibronectin test in women with threatened preterm labour before 34 weeks gestational age (in an international setting).


2-jan-2013 APOSTEL II in JAMA! Roos C, Spaanderman MA, Schuit E, et al. Effect of Maintenance Tocolysis With Nifedipine in Threatened Preterm Labor on Perinatal Outcomes: A Randomized Controlled Trial. JAMA. 2013;309(1):41-47. doi:10.1001/jama.2012.153817.