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Consortium News 2012



24-dec-2012 From 25 until 31 December there will be no staff at the trialbureau. For urgent matters, you can contact Jannet Bakker or Ben Willem Mol


25-nov-2012 Versie 2.0 NFU boekje Kwaliteitsborging mensgebonden onderzoek is uit, met daarin o.a. het gewijzigde systeem voor risicoclassificatie en de daaruit voortvloeiende regelgeving. U kunt het boekje hier downloaden.


20-nov-2012 Thank you for everyone's support of the consortium days 2012! For presentations and pictures click here.

24-oct-2012 The RAVEL trial has completed its inclusions! Many thanks to all those involved for this amazing achievement in such a short time! We hope to have preliminary results soon. See RAVEL website for more information.

16-oct-2012 New study added: PPROMCerclage. The objective of the PPROMCerclage study is to determine whether retention of cerclage after PPROM improves latency (without a significant increase in chorioamnionitis) and lessens neonatal morbidity.

24-sept-2012 Our abstracts have been accepted for oral or poster presentations at the next meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM)! One of our studies has been picked to open the first plenary session: Sophie Liem and the ProTwin study. In total we have 5 oral and 20 poster presentations. Congratulations to all those involved for this amazing result. Also a special thank you to the research nurses for all their hard work with data entry the last few months! Together we have achieved these amazing results! Click here for an overview of the oral and poster presentations (in Dutch). 

21-sept-2012 New study added: SOCceR. The SOCceR study aims to compare progression-free survival after secondary cytoreduction followed by chemotherapy and chemotherapy alone in patients with recurrent platinum sensitive epithelial ovarian cancer.

07-sept-2012 TOSTI results published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BJOG)! The TOSTI study shows that team performance and medical technical skills significantly improve after multiprofessional obstetric team training in a medical simulation centre. Congratulations to the researchers! See the full article in the BJOG.

29-aug-2012 Two new studies added: ALIFE2 en T4-LIFE. The ALIFE2 study aims to evaluate the efficacy of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) in women with recurrent miscarriage (RM) and inherited thrombophilia. The T4-LIFE study aims to evaluate the efficacy of levothyroxine in improving liver birth rate for women with recurrent miscarriage and thyroid auto-immunity.

28-Aug-2012 The CHIPS trial has completed its inclusions. In the international CHIPS trial, the optimal use of antihypertensives for non-severe hypertension in pregnancy is being studied. Many thanks to all those involved in this study.

26-July-2012 New study added: PRORAILS. The PRORAILS study  aims to assess the relationship between AMH serum levels and ovarian response in IUI cycles stimulated with a fixed dose of 75 IU recFSH.

24-July-2012 New study added: PRELHUDE. The PRELHUDE study aims to assess whether subclinical heart defects are present in women with premature labour. 

13-july-2012 14 applications are through to the next round for a ZonMwgrant! Congratulations to all those involved. For a list of all first round grant approvals, please click here.

09-july-2012 RAVEL study protocol published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. The RAVEL study protocol, a multicentre randomized controlled trial that assesses the costeffectiveness of remifentanil patient controlled analgesia compared to epidural analgesia, can be found here.

03-july-2012 New study added: ZOBASII. ZOBASII aims to assess the cost-effectiveness of different diagnostic work-up strategies for stillbirth.

18-june-2012 New study added: Healthy Pregnancy 4 All - experiment Risk Assessment during pregnancy. The HP4ALL - risk assessment experiment aims to investigate the effectiveness and the implementation of a systematic approach in antenatal health care on adverse pregnancy outcomes.

15-june-2012 The lifestyle study has completed its inclusions. The lifestyle study, in which the costs and effects of a structured lifestyle program in overweight and obese subfertile women are investigated, has included 570 participants. In 2 years, the follow up period will be finished and the results of this large RCT will be announced! Many thanks to all those involved in this study.

11-Jun-2012 Twin Birth study international collaborators' meeting. The Twin Birth study recently presented its results at the Twin Birth study international collaborators' meeting in Toronto, Canada. For a short summary of the meeting, please click here.

21-May-2012 Symposium on Multicenter Research in Groningen. On June 4 2012 there will be an exciting symposium titled 'Multicenter Research: Together we strive for the improvement of our health care". For more information, please click here. We hope to see you there!

16-may-2012 Two new studies added: Elevate Anterior trial and Elevate Posterior trial. The Elevate Anterior trial aims to compare the combination of sacrospinous ligament fixation and anterior colporraphy to Elevate Anterior PC in patients with a primary prolapse. The Elevate Posterior trial aims to investigate the effects of sacrospinous ligament fixation versus Elvate Posterior PC on pelvic floor function in primary prolapse. 

11-may-2012 New study added: the SCALP study. The SCALP study aims to determine if fetal blood sampling is effective in preventing caesarean section for cardiotocography-suspected fetal distress.

2-may-2012 PPROMEXIL results published in PLoS medicine and Dutch newspaper NRC handelsblad! The PPROMEXIL study shows that in women whose pregnancy is complicated by late preterm prelabour rupture of membranes induction of labour does not substantially improve pregnancy outcomes compared with expectant management. Congratulations to the researchers for these amazing results! See the full article in PLoS Medicine and the dutch version in NRC handelsblad.

19-April-2012 The SAVE U study has completed its inclusions. On March 30th the last patient for the SAVE U study underwent surgery. Many thanks to all those involved in this study. We hope to present preliminary results in 2013. See the SAVE U website for more information.

16-April-2012 The Optimist trial has passed the 100th inclusion mark! Thanks to the amazing efforts of the AMC Amsterdam, MMC Veldhoven, Erasmus MC and UMC Utrecht the Optimist trial has reached its 100th inclusion. Congratulations to the researchers of Optimist! See the Optimist website for more information.

16-April-2012 Two new studies added: ZAHARA 3 study and INCAS study. The ZAHARA 3 study aims to investigate if pregnant women with CHD who deliver prematurely display characteristics in early pregnancy that can be used as diagnostic tools for premature labour. The INCAS study aims to conduct an in-depth problem analysis of facilitators and barriers for implementation of an integrated system of care for women in labour, with the aim to develop an implementation strategy.

10-April-2012 Harold A. Kaminetzky Prize won! Arianne Lim from the Amphia trial has won the Harold A. Kaminetzky prize 2011 for best non-U.S. research in The Green. This is a wonderful achievement for all those involved in the Amphia trial.

30-March-2012 Wonderful presentation for outpatient clinic employees. In this presentation Corine Verhoeven gives a great presentation of all ongoing consortium studies in Maxima Medical Center. Click here for the presentation.

22-March-2012 The Ravel trial has reached the 500th inclusion mark! Thanks to MMC for providing the 500th inclusion. The trial is now nearly halfway. Thanks to everyone involved in making this possible. See the website for more information.

21-March-2012 Wladimiroff prize won! Babette Prick has won the Wladimiroff prize for the best presentation in Cluster Rotterdam for her presentation on the WOMB study

20-March-2012 New study added: APOSTEL IV trial. The APOSTEL IV study aims to assess whether in women with early preterm premature rupture of membranes tocolytics improve perinatal outcome.

16-March-2012 The first quarterly consortium meeting for 2012. Successful quarterly meeting with research staff members, researchers and gynaecologists held yesterday, 15 March, in Utrecht. Highlights included preliminary results of the Allo-trial by Joepe Kaandorp and the launch of new (benign/oncological) gynaecology studies led by Judith Huirne.


16-March-2012 Two new studies added: Improvement and Lifestylekids study. The Improvement study aims to improve the implementation of tailored expectant management in subfertile couples. The Lifestylekids study  is the follow-up study of the LIFEstyle study and aims to to investigate the effect of a preconception lifestyle program for overweight and obese subfertile women on the health of the future infant.


12-March-2012 The Insight trial has passed the 100th inclusion mark! Thanks to the amazing efforts of the UMC Utrecht, MMC, Erasmus MC, OLVG and AMC the Insight trial has reached its 100th inclusion! Congratulations to the researchers of Insight! See the Insight website for more information.


12-March-2012 Annual report 2011: We proudly present our annual report 2011, with more studies, more pages and more publications than ever and a new look! You can download the pdf file here.


09-March-2012 Follow us on twitter! Since this month the Consortium shows updates about its trials on Twitter. Follow us on @obsgynstudies to stay in touch with the latest news. See Twitter link on the left!

13-February-2012 The INeS study has completed its inclusions. Many thanks to all those involved in this study. We hope to have preliminary results in the spring of 2013. See INeS-website for more details.