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Dutch Consortium for Healthcare Evaluation and Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology - NVOG Consortium 2.0

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2011 News

4-December-2011 New study added: Promises study. The Promises study aims to assess the development of the children of women who have suffered depression and/or anxiety during their pregnancy.

19-November-2011 Three new studies added! The Misorest, Compare, and HysNiche studies. The Gynaecology Misorest study investigates the cost and effects of curretage versus expectant management in case of incomplete evacuation after treament with misoprostol for miscarriage. The Compare study investigates the prevalence and complications of postpartum urinary retention. The HysNiche study focuses on hysteroscopic resection of uterine caesarean section scar defect and abnormal bleeding.


6-November-2011 New study added: INDEX study. The INDEX study asesses costs and effects of induction of labour versus expectant management in women with post-term pregnancies at 41 and at 42 weeks.

5-November-2011 New study added: H2Olie study. The H2Olie study compares oil-based and water-based contrast media in the diagnosis of tubal patency at hysterosalphingography.

27-October-2011 Publicity for PROBAAT. The Lancet article generated publicity for PROBAAT, for instance in NRC Handelsblad and the Dailymail.


25-October-2011 PROBAAT article published in the Lancet. As of today, the PROBAAT article is online ahead of print.


14-October-2011 New study added: Ppromexil-III study. The Ppromexil-III study will investigate if Amnioninfusion improves perinatal outcome in very early preterm prelabour rupture of membranes. 


19-september-2011 PROBAAT in The Lancet: De PROBAAT-studie is geaccepteerd voor publicatie in the Lancet! Dit fantastische resultaat zou niet zijn behaald zonder de inzet van velen. Daarom nogmaals veel dank voor al het harde werk!

Op 28 september worden de eerste resultaten van de WOMB studie gepresenteerd op het WOMB symposium. We nodigen u van harte uit om het symposium bij te wonen. Tijd: 16.00 uur. Plaats: Sophia Kinderziekenhuis, Rotterdam. Het programma vindt u op de WOMB website onder 'Nieuws' of via http://www.studies-obsgyn.nl/upload/programma%20WOMB%20symposium.pdf. Aanmelden kan via een email aan Babette Prick, arts onderzoeker: womb@studies-obsgyn.nl.

14-september-2011 Annual report: The Consortium annual report 2010 is now available online: Jaarverslag 2010 (pdf)

1-august-2011 New study added: PROBAAT-S. After the PROBAAT study, interest concerning women with a previous caesarean section is rising. On August 1st, 2011 the prospective registration 'PROBAAT-S'-study has begun. Data will be collected of all women with a previous caesarean section and an indication for induction of labour.

30-june-2011 New study added: PROBAAT II. After the comparison of Foley catheter and prostaglandin gel in the PROBAAT study, PROBAAT II is the obvious sequel. The subject of evaluation in this study will be the use of either Foley catheter or misoprostol for induction of labor at term.


16-june-2011 Funding for PROBAAT II. Nuts-Ohra has awarded a grant to compare the use of misoprostol vs. Foley catheter in the PROBAAT II trial. A homepage for this trial will appear on this website soon. For information, please contact the trialbureau: info@studies-obsgyn.nl


20-may-2011 Wietske Hermes (Hyras study) prize winner at the Gynaecongres. Wietske has been rewarded for one of the best oral presentations at the Gynaecongres.

21-feb-2011 Two new studies added: GlucoMoms and RAVEL. In the GlucoMoms study the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of continuous glucose monitoring during pregnancy in women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes will be assessed. The RAVEL study compares remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia (RCPA) with epidural analgesia (EA) during labour of women with a request for pain relief.

8-feb-2011 SMFM San Francisco, USA:  Oral presentations of consortium studies:

  9 feb: HyRAS trial by Wietske Hermes

  10 feb (Plenary session): APOSTEL and PROBAAT trial by Carolien Roos & Marta Jozwiak

  10 feb: Consortium network by Sabine Logtenberg

  11 feb: Perinatal risk-indicators for long-term neurological morbidity, by Margreet  Teune

Report on SMFM San Francisco: MUIS Extra editie SMFM, februari 2011