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Dutch Consortium for Healthcare Evaluation and Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology - NVOG Consortium 2.0

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2010 News


23-dec-2010 DIGITAT in British Medical Journal: 10 jaar hard samenwerken aan Digitat heeft geresulteerd in een prachtige publicatie in de British Medical Journal! Wij willen alle research medewerkers, onderzoekers, gynaecologen en patienten bedankenvoor hun inzet! U kunt het artikel via onderstaande link lezen.
Met de beste wensen voor een fantastisch 2011!

22-dec-2010 Two new studies added: CAMPUR and TOTEM. In the CAMPUR study women who are diagnosed with overt postpartum urinary retention will be randomized between an indwelling catheter or intermittent bladder catheterization. The TOTEM study compares the short term and long term outcomes of temporising or terminating the pregnancy of women with severe preeclampsia at 28-34 weeks.

1-nov-2010 Symposium "Management of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy" and PhD ceremony of Corine Koopmans. On January 12, 2011 a symposium on hypertension in pregnancy will take place in Groningen, you can download the flyer for information on the programme and on registration here. The symposium will be concluded with the PhD ceremony of Corine Koopmans (HYPITAT).


1-nov-2010 New study added: APOSTEL III. In the APOSTEL III study, the tocolytics atosiban and nifedipine will be compared in the treatment of threatened preterm labour.


7-okt-2010 New study added: The STAN followup study. In the obstetrics STAN followup, the long-term effect of intrapartum ST-analysis of the fetal ECG on long-term neurological and behavioural development will be compared to intrapartum monitoring with conventional cardiotocography (CTG)


30-sep-2010 Three studies selected for oral presentations at the 31st Annual Meeting of the SMFM. The APOSTEL II, PROBAAT and HTA long term consequences studies have been selected for oral presentations at the meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in San Francisco, February 2011. APOSTEL II will be the opening presentation, PROBAAT is the fifth presentation on the programme. Furthermore, there will be about 20 poster presentations of Consortium studies.


12-sep-2010 Three new studies added: The inSIght, OPTIMIST, and VIS studies. In the fertility inSight study, the effectiveness of treatment of intrauterine abnormalities will be assessed. In the fertility OPTIMIST trial the cost-efectiveness of individualized FSH dosage for IVF treatment will be investigated. In the obstetrical health-technology assessment VIS project, the value and health-related consequences of medical information will be evaluated.


13-aug-2010 New study added: The TOAST study. In the urogynaecological TOAST study, two midurethral sling replacement methods are compared in women with urinary stress incontinence.


16-jul-2010 New study added: The FLAMINGO study. In the fetal medicine FLAMINGO study, fetal markers will be identified using ultrasound to predict neonatal gastroschisis.


8-jul-2010 Lekenpraatje van Denise Bijlenga online: lekenpraatje Bijlenga (ppt).


6-jul-2010 The annual report 2009 of the consortia for research in obstetrics, fertility and (uro)gynaecology is available (in Dutch). It can be downloaded here, or you can request a hardcopy by email via info@studies-obsgyn.nl.


5-jun-2010 New study added: The PLUTO study. In the prenatal diagnostics PLUTO study two methods will be compared for treatment of congenital fetal lower urinary tract obstruction.


30-may-2010 STAN trial main article is published in Obstetrics and Gynecology. A pdf of the publication can be downloaded here.


7-may-2010 New study added: The ANTARCTICA study. In the fertility ANTARCTICA study two methods of endometrium preparation will be compared for cyto-thawed embryo transfer.


9-apr-2010 New study added: The SIMPLE study. The obstetrics implementation study SIMPLE aims at gaining insight into current adherence of Dutch gynaecologists to the guidelines for performing CS deliveries.


25-mar-2010 The NEJM article of the ALIFE study is now available online. The full article of the ALIFE study can be read here. Also available is the press release press release about this publication (in Dutch).


18-mar-2010 New study added: The IMPACT study. The obstetrics HTA study IMPACT aims at improving participation to clinical trials.


7-mar-2010 New study added: The BIG CHANGE study. The obstetrics implementation study BIG CHANGE focuses on the implementation of guidelines on gestational hypertension.


5-mar-2010 Prof. dr. Merkus, head of the Dutch Perinatal Audit (PAN) has received royal honour (koninklijke onderscheiding) for his research activities. Read the news item here (PDF, Dutch).


2-mar-2010 Two new studies added: The TRUDIL study and the IVM study. The urogyaecology TRUDIL study focuses on the diagnostic accuracy of translabial 3D ultrasonography of the pelvic floor as compared to MR imaging for diagnosing levator defects in women with pelvic organ prolapse. In the fertility IVM study, in vitro maturation of oocytes will be compared to in vitro fertilisation in women with an increased risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.


2-mar-2010 The FLUXIM researchers submitted a letter to the NTOG journal: click here to view the letter (Dutch).


17-feb-2010 Article in De Volkskrant about the IUPC study: click here to view the Volkskrant article (Dutch).


8-feb-2010 Interview about WOMB study in Bloedbeeld. An interview with Babette Prick and Dick van Rhenen about the WOMB study was published in the December 2009 issue of Bloedbeeld (page 7).


5-feb-2010 In the Volkskrant, attention is drawn to the need for more facilitiesfor structural evaluation research in obstetrics. The Dutch text by Van der Post, Mol, Bakker and Verhoeven can be read here. Also available is an overview of ongoing and completed studies.


2-feb-2010 NEJM article of the IUPC study is now availabe. The full article of the IUPC study can be downloaded here: Bakker N Engl J Med 2010.


26-jan-2010 FLUXIM study protocol published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. The FLUXIM study protocol, an implementation study on the NVOG guideline Haemorrhagia postpartum and MOET instructions, can be found here.


18-jan-2010 News from the "Stichting Perinatale Audit Nederland" (PAN): As of January 1st 2010 the PAN has taken over the perinatal audit from the RIVM. A more extensive message can be found here (PDF)


12-jan-2010 Bedrest study used as statistical question in BMJ: In volume 339 (5december 2009) a statistical question about the Bedrest study was part of the Endgames.


7-jan-2010 PhD thesis Michelle Westerhuis (STAN trial) can be downloaded here.

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